Just looking for some feedback Guys.
Have had my Website with USDHosting.com for many years but looking for something a bit better priced.
My Website is done via Wordpress.
My Domain name is with cheapdomains.com.au - I have just renewed it for another 3.
Considering moving my Hosting from usdhosting.com to crazydomains.com.au
I do Not use the Email as I just use my Gmail address for all my Email.
Anyone had good / bad experiences with crazydomains.com.au...
I can get 120 Months with crazydomains.com.au for $420 total...

sounds like a good deal but unsure...
Looking for reviews I found

Sounds like even godaddy gets a Lot of Neg on this website..
Keep in mind these reviews can be False and manulipated.

or if anyone knows a well priced one with Wordpress at a great price. feel free to comment
Its only a Small website of a few pages and do not use email etc....