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Thread: Fixed Garmin Nuvi 44LM after bad update caused restart loop (Logo>"loading maps">Logo

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    Default Fixed Garmin Nuvi 44LM after bad update caused restart loop (Logo>"loading maps">Logo

    I'm posting this to help others who have run into the same problem. If it works for you, it's a much easier solution than the "easy" unbricking with GarminCure3 or anything else I found.

    I caused my problem by reflexively putting my computer to sleep while my GPS was in the middle of a maps update, which I had initiated with Garmin Express.

    Symptoms: If I turned my Nuvi on when not connected to the computer, it would show the Garmin logo, then show "loading maps," then re-start, show the logo, then show "loading maps," ad infinitum. If it was plugged into a USB power source, it would always want to be on, going through that loop. When I connected it to my computer by USB, the computer would not "see" the device. Even when I went through pressing the corner of the screen, then turning it on, etc., the best I would get was the white calibration screen.

    Solution: I left the GPS plugged into a USB power source. (I don't know if it helped, but I ended up using a 2.1 Amp USB AC adapter instead of a low-power one.) The unit went through the looping for *hours* and then appeared to boot properly. It showed the screen with "Where To" and "View Map" and stopped looping. But it still didn't work! And restarting it returned it to the frigging loop.

    However, after leaving it plugged in again for another very long time (overnight), it looped for a long time, but by morning it had returned to the proper "Where To" screen. This time I didn't turn it off but instead plugged it into the computer's USB port, and the computer saw it and so did Garmin Express. It showed I was up-to-date and did nothing automatically, but I went to the Map Update lower in the window and ran that. And it worked.

    One other thing I did might have helped, but maybe it was a step that did nothing. At one point, before updating the maps, when I was able to connect via USB, I used Garmin's WebUpdater, then searched the drive where the unit was for GarminDevice.xml. Searching found that file even though it was in the System folder of the GPS, which was hidden (it was the .system folder). I edited GarminDevice.xml to turn the line <SoftwareVersion>400</SoftwareVersion> into <SoftwareVersion>350</SoftwareVersion> [Garmin Express had said I was using System 4.00 when it refused to update the unit. I chose 350 as an arbitrary version number that was lower than 400.]. After doing that, I was able to get Garmin Express (or WebUpdater? I don't recall which) to treat the unit as *not* up-to-date, and it reinstalled software. (I don't know if this was a necessary part of the solution, however, because the unit again went into the looping-restarting problem; but it was after this that, as I explained above, I used the Garmin Express program to update the Maps, which resulted in a fixed GPS.)

    The main point of this post is that before doing something more complicated, try leaving your Garmin Nuvi plugged into a power source for HOURS (even while it won't turn off and goes again and again through the Logo-LoadingMaps loop). You may find, like I did, that this allows you to connect the unit to the computer and be seen and fix the problem with the standard Garmin software on your PC.

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    Cool! Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Tiny
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    Yes, thank you for sharing your solution to the problem you were experiencing...and Welcome to the Austech forum, panspemia.

    Very few newcomers go to the trouble to post such a detailed explanation of a problem and its solution.

    Well done!

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    Nice first post panspemia. Although that method of leaving the device on extended charge will sometimes allow the device to eventually boot, it only works if the device is in a bootloop [not stuck on a static boot screen] and also the rest of your fix only is applicable if the problem is a corrupt map image where it actually shows 'Loading maps' on the logo screen then reboots indefinitely. Any other type of partial bricking needs to be addressed with modified firmware to bypass the usual suspect files [.img, .gpi, .vpm etc.] and the simplest way to modify the fw is with GarminCure3. However, you can use QuickCure3 in some cases, it doesn't use the original firmware at all but relies on a copy of the bootloader being found in the device memory to work and mostly it can find that. QuickCure3 is more likely to work in a case like your nuvi's corrupt map because it allows the bricked device to be very quickly accessed in Mass Storage Mode so the offending file can simply be deleted using Windows tools.

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