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Thread: NBN Co Callout WTF

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    Default NBN Co Callout WTF

    Been with Exetel 25/5 FTTN for about 9 months average download 22Mbps
    Problem Internet dropping out /losing sync/ reconnecting at lower and lower speeds, Exetel said all fixed / now connecting around 13Mbps connection ok but slow, looking at modem I suspect Exetel just throttled back connection
    Contacted Exetel and told them Im paying for 25/5 Mbps and throttling back the speed is not acceptable
    After 2 NBN Co appointments were cancelled finally one turned up " Joey " young chinese kid. His words were " you are connected at 13Mbps and that is within acceptable limits I can not do anything.
    I explained to him that I had the same problem last winter on adsl and a Telecom technician tested the line and found a bad connection in the pit about 20mtrs up the street, and fixed it and told me telstra was aware the pit needed replacing but wouldnt do anything due to the NBN Co takeover
    After some persuasion we went and opened the pit and discovered the water and moisture problem. Quick snip, 2 x sealed joiners and connection speed 28Mbps and a Maximum line rate at modem of 59Mbps never been that high before

    Whose to blame ? Well Exetel call center answered most calls within 2 minutes but I suspect the "technicians" read off a prepared list until they run out of options. I will make sure the internet is ok and get back to them.
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    Sadly, this is an all to common story.

    Unlike yours, the majority of the public have no technical understanding and simply accept what they are told by 'technicians'.

    The Telstra copper network had next to no maintenance performed on it for a very long time, as you mentioned, due to the NBN takeover.

    If FTTP eventuated to all premises, that issue would have been overcome completely.

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