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Thread: Life and times of a black hole

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    This I found interesting but puzzling . "Any schoolboy can estimate the size of a black mass at the center of each galaxy."
    They make no mention of galaxies with two or more black masses (barred) in them but I suppose you can just assume the mass estimated is halved

    "Anyone can now look at an image of a spiral galaxy and immediately gauge how massive its black hole should be."
    "This implies that black holes and the discs of their host galaxies must co-evolve," says Dr Davis.
    "Importantly, the relation will also help searches for the suspected, but currently missing, population of intermediate-mass black holes with masses between 100 and 100,000 times the mass of our Sun. Difficult to pin down, they have masses greater than that of any single star, but are smaller than the supermassive black holes which grow to billions of times the mass of our Sun in giant galaxies," Prof Graham says.

    Its good to see that the "scientists" seem to have finally accepted the theory that each galaxy has at least one black mass at its center and the whole system is run by gravity. Now I just have to get through to them the idea that it expands and contracts regularly over billions of years and I will be home and hosed!
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