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Thread: VoIP Service - Who to Choose

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    A Town near me is going over to the NBN starting in April and it seems they will be using one of the physical line options.
    This has got me curious if it will affect me sometime in the future as I use the SkyMuster Satellite and still have my copper landline in place.
    From what has been said, its possible that Telstra could decide to close down the copper network and then I would have to look for an alternative means for a phone service.
    I knew VoiP existed back when I signed up almost a year ago to connect to SkyMuster but very little was said by my ISP at the time and I got the impression from them I was better off staying with the copper network due to the variables that affect Satellite transmissions.
    I just checked my ISP's website and there has been some major changes, now they list a number of plans to use VoiP which they never did before.

    I am part way through changing one of my SIM cards over due to the much lower costs available with another to be done this Thursday so now I am trying to decide whether to cancel or keep the Home Phone, if I keep it, do I stay on the current L/Line with its $40 line rental or cancel it and go either Mobile or VoiP??

    No one can really give me an answer but I would appreciate any thoughts anyone has along with any Pro's and Con's............
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