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Thread: motorola rss fix (synplus other)

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    Default motorola rss fix (synplus other)

    my IBM 80286 died and it's only use was to program old motorola radios.
    so i opend it up and it had a 16mhz clock crystal.
    i then got a pentum 100 and clocked it with the 16 mhz clock out of the 286 and am able to read and write to a synplus radio.
    this mod does work on a 486DX2 66 you just have to clock it at 8 mhz.
    you can also put a switch on front of pc to clock it at full speed for windows 98.
    mod may work on a pentum II / III
    the MTSX rss works too.
    so if anyone wants a hint on how to mod a normal pc to program old radios let me know.
    moslow.exe sucks and sometimes causes radio to die (brick) .
    the clock generator has a 14.318mhz crystal next to it most of the boards i looked at have a AV9107-03 chip on board and some links to change frequency or a place to put a crystal ocillator.
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