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How to attach photos and files

You can attach an image by clicking on "add image to post" thats in the bottom left of the reply box. Image code is automatically inserted in to your post. Images are hosted by

Hosting a file

For legal reasons, we do not host any files.

I cant register

Registration is in general very straight forward for most people. Follow the prompts on the screen. Make sure you use a VALID email address when signing up as a verification email is sent you so that you can activate your account. If you dont receive a Verification Email from us, please check the SPAM or Junk folder of your email client before contacting us. In most cases of not receiving our email thats where it will be.

If you have attempted to register an account with Austech but have received a screen saying you have been rejected due to spamming do not panic. Austech subscribes to a spamming database and you have been detected for one of two reasons. One is that you are trying to register a username used by a known spammer. Try another username as this is most likely the case. The other is that your IP address is listed on the spammer database. This is possible if your ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) uses Dynamic IP addresses. In this case, you could disconnect from your ISP and reconnect and you will be issued with a new IP address.

Additional Austech forum features

We have added a number of features to the default software for the benefit of both users and staff. They include :

1. iTrader - itrader is an Ebay style feedback system for the use of Austech users. Use of the system is a condition of using Austech's Buy , Sell and Trade forum.

2. Premium Membership - Austech relies heavily on Premium Membership for funding our dedicated server. Further information about Premium Membership can be found by clicking on the Premium Member link on the toolbar.

3. Donations - Donations towards our running costs are always welcome and we convert your donation to Premium member status if you are a member. We accept payments from credit cards and bank accounts via Paypal.

4. Anti Spam measures - We have antispam software installed so users only have to see an absolute minimum of spam posts. Sould you see any spam, please click on the "report post" icon on the offending post so that Moderators are alerted.

6. Ad Management - It costs money to run a site like Austech and we enjoy the luxury of being hosted on a managed dedicated server in the United States which provides additional user security and less of a need to impose moderation on users. For this reason, we must run banners adverts for additional income.

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