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General Rules
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1. No offensive images are to be posted , this includes avatars , signature pictures and attachments. Moderators can and will remove any images at their discretion which they deem to be offensive including images of nudity or partial nudity. Continued posting of images deemed to be offensive will result in the user losing their access to post any image and infractions may be issued.

2. We reserve the right to edit posts and / or threads. Although in our opinion any posted comments are the responsibility and opinion of the poster , we will at our discretion remove posts that are possibly libellous , scandalous, slanderous or legally threaten the existence of the Austech site. All Austech posts / threads / data are housed in a rented dedicated server in the United States of America.

3. Austech has disabled its file attachment system. Austech takes no responsibility for the content of third party link contents. Links to files or posts on other forums that have compulsory registration to view or download are not accepted and will be deleted as will links to any sites with pirated software. Images on Austech can be uploaded when you post on "Add image to post" at the bottom left of the quick reply box are are hosted by

4. Self promotion , or spamming of other web sites will not be tolerated. We will accept links to other sites ( with the exception of pornography and warez illegal download sites) if they are in the context and topic of a thread , however trying to promote or spam a website will result in the removal of the link and an Infraction or ban issued. We do not accept threads that contain referral links.

5. No flaming or abusing other members or Austech staff. Please treat people as you would like to be treated yourself. Trolls will be issued with infractions , if you want to deliberately troll and bait people your stay will be short. Members can and will be removed from particular threads should they continue to cause disruption to others. In general, we hand out very few infractions and disciplinary actions and that’s a credit to both staff and members.

6. Moderator's decisions are final. Austech prides itself on the quality and fairness of its staff most of who have moderated here for a minimum of 7 and up to 10 years. Contacting the site Administrator will not result in any decision being overturned and is a waste of your time and ours. Further posts made by a member in relation to a closed topic or moderating decision will be removed and if the member persists , disciplinary action may be taken.
It should be noted that banning can and does occur outside the infraction system and depends on individual circumstances such as online spammers. We employ a number of anti spamming techniques and deny up to 60% of requests for accounts due to spammers. Should you see any spam posts on Austech, please report them immediately so that we can delete them. No one likes spam.

Austech treats banning as a last option , we would prefer to see you enjoying the site as a member than see you have to visit as a guest. All sites have rules and we respectfully ask you to obey ours. Unfortunately there will always be some people you cannot please and they will be banned and will stay that way.

Infraction categories include but are not limited to :

Spammed Advertisements

Buy , Sell or Trade rule abuse

Posting of pornography

Abusing Austech Staff

Inappropriate Language

Signature Rule Violation

Insulted Other Member(s)


NOTE : Most infractions are worth 2 points , all infractions last 3 months and accounts are auto banned if you reach 10 points or more. Although this is a rarity, please do not bother contacting us again if you are auto banned.

7. Selling of pirated discs, software, games etc is not allowed on Austech.

8. Signatures or user profiles containing commercial advertising for any web sites or advertising commercial goods will be removed , as will your account if you persist in doing it. This does not apply to Premium Members. Advertising banners are not permitted in signatures by any member group. A small logo may be permitted but if deemed to be too big will be removed at Austech's discretion.

9. Do not post the same thread in multiple forums , one post only on the one subject. Multiple postings are generally ignored by members , it will not help you get an answer quicker.

10. Political discussion is not encouraged , but is accepted dependant on the following. Discussion must be carried out without fighting and abuse by and towards other members as it is not needed to make a point in a discussion or debate. Try and be objective and listen to both sides of a debate , otherwise discussions do become one sided , pointless and likely to be closed. Individual members can and will be removed from any discussion should they continually ignore moderators directives.

11. All posts , accounts , comment and content remain the property of Austech. We do not delete accounts or threads and posts should you decide to leave us , your account will simply remain inactive. Please remember to untick " receive email from administrators " in your user control panel should you not wish to hear from us at all , otherwise your account will be on our mailing list and you may be emailed several times a year. If you have NOT posted on Austech with your account, we will remove it upon request.

12. Any requests, hints or attempts at buying , selling or trading pirate pay television cards or services on Austech may result in an infraction being issued as a warning and any further breach of this rule will result in a ban. We are not negotiable on this topic and this includes all Members.

13. Austech operates a User Infraction System. Current Infractions are listed below and last for a 3 month period. Each infraction is worth 2 points. Should any member receive more than 10 infraction points in a 3 month period , their account will automatically be changed to Banned status.

14. Austech is not a democracy and never has been. Austech is a privately owned forum started in 1998. We do not hold democratic elections for staff positions because as stated, Austech is not a democracy. Austech does not offer nor promote free speech. Although Austech provides a fair and balanced attitude to allowing members to speak what they feel, Rule number 2 over rides this at all time. We do not know of anywhere on the internet that provides free speech, what you will find on Austech is about as much a free speech enviroment as you will find anywhere.

15. Should you have any problem relating to the site such as an account issue, click on "Support Ticket System" or “Contact us” and submit a ticket. This the fastest way to have any issue dealt with.

Should you have issue with any particular post or thread that you think may contravene Austech's rules, you can click on the icon under the users name in the post and report the post to us. This the fastest way to alert us as the report goes to all staff. Please do the same if you are unsure as to whether your post may break our rules, we can let you know before you make the post.

Further Updates will be added as required. Thank you for your time and agreement to our rules which are designed for the benefit of all members and our ongoing viability..

Updated 30/10/14 to remove Google Adsense rules. Austech no longer displays Google Ads as of 17/10/14.
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