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Buy Sell and Trade Rules
1. Use of Austech's Buy Sell and Trade areas are conditional upon your agreeance that the use of our " iTrader " rating system is compulsory and all transactions must be fairly rated at completion. This offers protection to all members , whether they are buying or selling as a way of checking other members behaviour in transactions. Members who buy, sell or trade and do not use the iTrader system will have their BST access removed.

2. Austech's Buy Sell and Trading system operates on the " Buyer Beware " protocol. Simply , the onus is on the buyer to take all due care when dealing with any seller , such as asking for contact details and checking their iTrader rating before the transaction , not after.

3. Austech takes no part in transactions between members. If you have a dispute with another member over a transaction , it is up to both members to resolve it. Should you suspect foul play , such as fraud , theft or otherwise , contact your local police and make a complaint with them against the offending party. As well as taking no part in your transaction , Austech cannot make a police complaint on your behalf.

We will not provide any members details such as email address or IP addresses unless they are formerly requested by a law enforcement agency. We have in the past made attempts to assist some members who havent even made the most basic of checks as to who they are dealing with, however this will no longer be the case. Remember , BUYER BEWARE is the protocol in which our Buy Sell Trade forum operates on. Do your homework and use our iTrader feedback service.

If you suspect a member of running fraudulant or other dishonest or illegal activities against other members , please contact us via Helpcenter.Note : This does not refer to 2 members having a dispute over a single transaction.

4. A number of items cannot be sold on Austech. An exact listing is far too comprehensive and would take too much time to construct , so a few major items are listed. If you suspect that the item you are about to list for sale maybe illegal to sell on Austech , contact a Moderator and ask their opinion and they will give you a yes or no answer. Please use a common sense attitude.

Firearms , Alcohol , Tobacco , Drugs whether prescription or illegal , pirated paytv cards , pirated movies , software and games are just some of the major items which cannot be sold. Again , when in doubt , contact a Moderator before listing the item

5. Members cannot " bump " their advert back to the top of the BST forum more than once in a 24 hour period. Any member who does , or has another member deliberately bump it for them , will find their advert bumped back in the opposite direction.

6. Off topic posts in members sales threads can and will be removed. If you think you can purchase the item cheaper somewhere else, that is entirely your perogative to do so but we are not interested in hearing about it in members sales threads. This is known as hijacking and wont be tolerated.

7. Members can offer items in any method they prefer be it sale , auction or other. But please note if you state an " instant " price or a " Buy it now " price, you are obliged to sell it for that price should someone offer to pay it. For that reason you may wish to state " Best offer over $xxx " or similar to avoid cutting yourself short.

8. The OP ( Original Poster or Thread Starter ) has the appropriate permissions to open and close their own sale thread via " thread tools " ( at the top of the thread ) in the BST forum only. When you have concluded your sale, we recommend you close the thread so other members know the sale is finished. Should your sale fall through for any reason, you can reopen the thread the same way and advise members that it is again up for sale ( as long as it does not break the 24 hour bump rule )
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