Driving me mad this one. Spent 6 weeks with this but no luck!

Have two identical XXL540s IQ Routes Edition. Mine and the Wifes.

Hers bought off feebay autostarts; turns on when ignition key is turned. GREAT FEATURE!! wonder why TT stopped it... ?

I bought a second identical unit as I liked the feature, thinking i'll just faff around a bit! But I cannot do a dump copy of hers to mine

Same navcore 9510. Same map ver, same voices etc...

I've changed the ttgo.bif file to reflect the changes in the serial and device # but I have no idea what other files 'aren't happy'.

If I do a blanket copy of hers to mine: Mine boots with AFRIKAAN language option at the top - BUT A NON RESPONSIVE SCREEN - with English at the bottom. No matter where I press it then asks me to confirm connection to PC with NEE or YE but the screen doesn't respond anyway...

I'm thinking there's a few files from hers to mine that are 'coded' somehow to that particular ID unit. As I said before, I've tried changing file information to my unit, but I don't know which Dat, Cfg, of whatever file is going across to mine, screwing it up.
Anyone know which files I have to - NOT COPY ACROSS - so as the TT540 will do it's own 'thing'?

Thanks people