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Thread: Android HD with Igo Primo

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    Default Android HD with Igo Primo

    well my new Android head unit arrived yesterday, early days yet so canít say how good it is, but one thing I have already noticed that I like, and that is when using the old WINCE head unit, I could/did have GPS showing on the screen while music was playing in the background but my big bug bearer was that when the sea nav had instructions to say, the music would stop maybe 4 or 5 seconds before the GPS spoke and didnít re start the music for about 4 or 5 seconds after it had finished giving instructions,

    thats all and good if youíre on a motorway and only get this once or twice on your trip but if itís not a motorway but an ordinary road with roundabouts and cross roads you find that a complete song has played and youíve not heard one word from it as when it stops the music to talk, the music still plays but in mute

    what I noticed with this one if music is playing in the background and you have the GPS on, when the GPS gives you instructions the music doesnít stop it still plays, but you have the control to reduce the music volume from 100% right down to 0% so I found that reducing the music volume to about 40% was just right, a great feature this

    loved the fact Iíve been downloading Navmii, I love this sat nav on my iPhone but there was no way I could get it on the WINCE head unit, so first thing this morning I downloaded it to the head unit, still playing around with it trying to figure out whats what as the instruction manual as we know, isnít as good as it could be in English so just too many ambiguities of what they are trying to say, donít know what Iíd do without forums

    I soon changed the start up screen to my car logo, the unit comes with around 90 car logos, even the MG logo, a British car company that went bell up in 2005 and now the Chinese own it, it sells around 3 cars a week but it has the logo but not one for the Lotus, so I had to make my own and installed that

    this is OK for now, but what I would love to do is have the as an animation start up screen, a cold start for the head unit is around 25 to 30 seconds, so my animated clip is 39 seconds and as the last 10 or so seconds of my clip is a still image the end of the start up wonít cut in to the animation, here it is

    I will ad, I didnít make this animation, I cut and edited it from the Lotus F1 team (Genii, who used the name under licence) promo clip

    I did read something that it has to be cut in to still images to be able to work, can anyone shine some light on this, and is it something an amateur like me can attempt?

    the other thing is, my head unit came with IGO primo pre installed, is there a way of custermising the start up IGO screen like I could on my previous version of IGO primo I used on my old head unit, that was on a Micro SD card and not pre installed, like it is on this Android head unit

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