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Thread: Best Action Cam for quad/drone footage ????

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    Cool Best Action Cam for quad/drone footage ????

    Hi all. Love ya work .....

    Am about to buy my first Action Camera to place into my Twister Quattro Quad Copter. (same as CX-20)

    I will have a separate stand-alone FPV cam (Foxeer Monster v2) and VTX etc....

    But I want to buy a HD Action Camera for recording the scenery and footage of flights. My budget is around AU$200.....

    I'm looking at either SJCAM SJ5000x -or- SJCAM M10+ or any other suggestion.

    As a total Newbie to drones / quads ...... My confusion is around direct/live video output of the various Action Camera's. It's not something easily learned or stated in specs or user manuals etc. Neither is the cable configuration details for which output it comes from (micro usb / hdmi?)

    As I want to both record footage on the MicroSD card, at the same time as output live video to a separate Video Transmitter..... I need to know if the above camera's have this feature. If not....which camera's do ? What do they call this feature, and how do I look for it in Action Cam Specs etc ?

    Any info, advice or suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Note: I need to transmit the live video feed back to ground station for camera/gimble adjustment, backup recording and also as a redundant emergency FPV source.


Look Here ->
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    Wow! that's big question & I don't know exactly how to explain the difficulties in transmitting & recording HD from UAV back to base. The cameras you list look like GoPro form action cams that are easy to get gimbals for. A quality gimbal is a must have.
    Radio transmission of video signal will be camera dependant; so you will have work that out.
    The distance you intend to transmit is also going to be a budget breaker. 30 metres is easy, 500metres is not so easy & any further gets extremely expensive.

    There are some quite expensive RTF drones that can do what you want; like the DJI Inspire1.

    My big UAV which is a Tali H500 records in HD on board, however it only transmits back to base in SD.

    So what I'm trying to say is there are ways to do what you want, however price limitations may hold you back a bit.

    Also if you are in Oz there are strict regulations about UAV & FPV, which can be found at

    What you need to do is have an explore at the following links & make an assessment of equipment meets budget. RCGroups is full of knowledgeable people on all things RC/UAV/FPV.

    I'll be interested to hear about the UAV, FPV & recording setup you end up with.
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