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Thread: Electricity Monitoring at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oceanboy View Post
    It is meant to leak
    Approx 2.5litres a night for a 315L HWS.
    Agreed. I have seen them fail and water with steam pouring off it run continuously out of the overflow pipe though. That sort of leaking will run up a big power bill very quickly.

    There has to be something using huge amounts of power to get to 60+ kW/h per day. Just the downlights, two TVs and the usual household appliances isn't enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thala Dan View Post
    you can pretty much rule out the HWS, don't happen to have one of those changeover switches that allow the HWS to be changed over to Peak power do you?

    I don't know if they are still used these days, but I have had installations that incorporated a three-way switch marked DAY - OFF - NIGHT.........with such a switch it was possible to switch the HWS to peak rate if hot water was all gone, instead of having to wait for the water to be reheated during the night.
    Quote Originally Posted by gavogr View Post
    Kids do shower but we run out of hot water when they are in to long and it only heats up again during the night.
    Still think something else is using a heap.
    ...which would also limit consumption with a faulty (gushing leak) pressure relief valve.

    Hope you get to the bottom of this soon because I am at least burning with curiosity to find out the cause.
    You know your Smart meter has a pulsing LED that shows how much energy is currently going through the meter when you count the pulses.
    Normally 1 puls is one watt hour, so a thousand pulses per kWh.
    Now the problem is that SOME meter's LED pulse both your consumption(import) and excess solar generation(export), basically sums both together. As mentioned I wonder if due to a fault your meter is counting that way as well.
    Nevertheless, the pulse is usefull to determine if you are still consuming power when you switch everything off in house, then switch off the panels.
    If it is still pulsing, then you know that you have a hidden power drain, I would say time to call a sparky.
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    Cheers for all the replies and suggestions,
    Here's where i am at at the moment.
    I have contacted the Power company to see if the meter can be checked.
    I have contacted a company to change all my down lights to LED, under the rees subsidy an Electrician will come and change the globes for $5 each then any on dimmers that blink they will change the transformers aswell so they still dim.
    If i want them all changed to new fittings, transformers and globes the most i will be charged is $16 each installed by the electrician.
    Hot water system will have the anode changed in the next couple of weeks so i will get them to check the unit for any problems. "cant see any major leaks at the moment.
    I will look at getting a meter to monitor and run the test that were mentioned in an earlier reply.

    Thanks again for all the help.

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