Hi all,

Got the YLOD'ed PS3 without the hard drive in it - CECHK02 fat model.
I fixed the hardware problem, and it now starts, but obviously can not boot as there's no HDD.

I have put the blank FAT32-formatted 40GB HDD in, and tried to "Restore the PS3 system" and "Restore file system" (both via Safe mode menu - press and hold ON button two times), but no luck - it says that I should insert the USB flash with firmware 4.81 or higher to proceed.

Since I don't know which firmware (OFW or CFW) is installed in it now (and have no way of finding that out, as the system doesn't boot), I thought I might attempt to flash it with CFW 4.81 (in case CFW is currently loaded in there).
I know that CFW can not be installed on the OFW higher than 3.55, but my question is as follows:

If the OFW higher than 3.55 is installed in that PS3, and I attempt to upgrade it to CFW 4.81, will it just reject to do that or can it potentially brick that PS3? If there's a possibility of getting the console bricked, I will rather refrain from attempts to load CFW, and go straight to loading OFW 4.81.
However, I am tempted to try CFW 4.81 first. Any risk of bricking the PS3 or it'll just refuse to upgrade?