Ok, please help me. I have an issue which I have been trying to get around for ages now with no luck. However, tonight I feel I have made progress but is still not where I want the end result to be.

I am trying to embed a RTSP (or whatever protocol) stream into a webpage, prefrebally using HTML5 video. I have created a stream using VLC and sucessfully embedded that stream with HTML5 <video> tags and all is good, however latency is a huge issue.

I am getting such poor latency and frame rate. I have caching set to 0 in order to disable.

the url of the current stream is or embedded is under the "View live demo" section.

as you can see just by watching the second count on the time, the latency is horrible.

My quesion is, is this the best way of embedding and streaming or should I be using a propper media server and transcoding in a different format? I have tried dropping cam resolution, switching to UDP rather then TCP of which none have any impact on the huge frame rate loss.

Thanks in advnace