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Thread: Eutelsat 172B @ 172E

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    The issue is in my end. All the Trouble I have is because I'm using Universal LNB. I decided to have a Manual selecting switch system to get around with DiSEqC issue I have but ever since I added Eutelsat 172 to my system(Universal lnb needed ) on Eutelsat 172 My Signal Level went from 85 to 35. the Problem with Universal LNB the dont like my system because the Manual switch I made I had to leave a section with no shielding for connections and this is a issue and it effects Universal frequencies not 10700. Tried today making the same but no more than 10MM with no shielding and installed it in its box and twice it broke the solder joint all because you cannot put to much heat on the connection on the rotary switch so after this I lost my temper and smashed EVERYTHING. Enough is Enough all this issues I have where I cannot get dIseqc to work correctly all because I have Universal LNB mixed with a few 10700 lnb. Never had trouble when I had 6 Ku dishes with 10700 lnb using Diseqc 1.1 but as soon as Optus D2 where I had to use a Prime Focus Dish because of low signal I had to get a Universal as its impossible to get a 10700 LNB for Prime focus dish (bough stuff to make my own but we have Eutelsat and Horozon use Universal too so I stopped) and this is the start of my trouble but now I need universal on Eutelsat and Horizon too. I dont know what will happen if I change all Ku dishes to Universal LNBF

    See remove to much Shielding.

    The Finished product all was well UNTIL I INTRODUCED UNIVERSAL LNB Frequencies
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