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Thread: Making a sharable route map

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    Default Making a shareable route map

    My first time trying this, maybe some of you know how too or some better steps.


    To produce and save a "breadcrumb" trail or route, with turn by turn instructions to be shareable for other users.
    To include non-gazzetted tracks as saved by a gps mapping program (.gpx etc)
    To allow the end user to just follow your provided track using his Google Maps App in either direction.


    1. Set your GPS Mapping program to record track and head off
    (log 2min intervals should be fine, less is better i guess)
    2. Take that file (.gpx etc) and upload it to Google Maps, My Maps
    3. Name map
    4. Using the tool bar, add turning directions directly to the map
    5. Add photos of intersections or points of interest if you took any

    At this point you should have a Private Map in your Google Account under My Maps
    You can then share this map to others in your contact list, which gives them permission to access this single map/trail.
    A lot easier than trying to explain a whole days driving to a visitor

    Anyone done this?
    There is probably a easier way of doing this when the tracks/roads are gazatted, you could make the map just sitting at home, but some of my tracks i wish to share are not of any maps.

    Next step it like to do is make a Street View of the route, which i see you can buy devices for this task, $3000 AUD for a multi camera, gps enabled onboard storage device
    This wont't be me at this stage, maybe there is a cheaper option?
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