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Thread: Trbo error#1224

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    Default Trbo error#1224

    Interesting one, I bought a few XPR6580-IS (BLUE) radios from fleabay and they do work,they power up and transmit on simplex, but I get this error when trying to write to them. (Error#1224-Unable to write/clone. Thjs archive contains settings that require the "Canada Full Frequency Range" feature to be registered in CPS).
    I eventually want to re-flash them for 3600 trunking, and the radio even says that that option is free, but I am still learning and would just like to use it in simplex for now.
    Anyone ever hear about an option registered to the software package before? Looks like a code not seen before, it's not on the list.

    You can add another error code that came up while trying to register device features-(Error#3757- No features are registered for this device,check if the feature is registered to another PC)

    Does it look like I have to get (EID's) from mother Mot? Do I need an EID for a free option? These are my first TRBO radios so I am a little behind on them, and once enabled does the radio have to log on to mother MOT ?
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