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Thread: Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 recalled due to brake faults

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    Quote Originally Posted by allover View Post

    My experience with trucks and DPF is to use CEM product FTC Decarbonizer. It burns the fuel cleaner at lower temps and keeps the DPF cleaner.

    Do your own research you will be impressed and you will save money!
    I agree, doing some research WILL save you money!
    As I suspected to the point of pretty much knowing through researching all of these Miracle's in a bottle, They are always Naptha based. This one is no different.
    As always, there are some " Fillers" included to pas the stuff out, give it a differnt look or smell but the thing that doing all the work and you are paying mightily for as a miracle in a bottle is always Naptha.
    Looking up the formulation, for this product, sure enough, it's Naptha with some alcohol ( probably for dissolving water) and some.... Perfume.

    ALL of these additives I have come across be they for Fuel or oil are all Naphtha with a few additives. Often the additive is Kero, Diesel, alcohol or oil.
    Naptha is a very basic solvent and can be had at bunnings for about $8 litre last time I bought some. It's also called Shellite, Lighter fluid, white fuel, camping gas, Coleman gas, Solvent 150 and a bunch of other things to make the chemical solvent equivalent of water sound like something worth about 20X more as a product than it is as it's base chemical.

    I have added this stuff in clagged diesels and it does a good job of cleaning fuel systems and helping to burn off carbon although nothing does that near as well as water injection which I wouldn't run a diesel without. I have had my own WI setup on all my Diesels ( even stationary motors ) for 10+ years and it allows you to do things with them you simply couldn't do otherwise. I just use cheap pumps and nozzles or make my own. No need to have micro fine sprays like the people peddling kits tell you, Just break up the stream and the airflow and heat will do the rest.

    As for burning the fuel Cleaner at lower temps, Meh. Physically very possible, practically HIGHLY unlikely.
    It will burn cleaner because it is a much lighter fuel. It may burn at lower temps because in a diesel it would light off at lower compression ratios for the same reason.
    I Highly doubt in the recommended dosage it would be significant enough to have any effect. I have run veg oil in my diesels for years and add 5-15% pertol for the same effect. The petrol Lights off sooner in a diesel effectively advancing the timing and therefore giving a longer burn time where as Veg oil lights of at least 10% later in the cycle. The petrol lighting off first helps the Veg to burn faster and therefore more completely.

    Naptha would do the exact same thing but in concentrations under 2%, I would have VERY strong reservations of it's ability to change the point at which the fuel lights off to any worth while amount. From a manufacturers POV, I would also think they would be taking a HUGE risk with a product that advanced the effective timing on diesel Combustion. Might be OK on electronic engines where the computer can sense nailing and pull the timing back accordingly but on a mechanical pump that was dialled up a bit in the first place, could cause problems.
    Pretty much all these Miracle in a bottle products rely more on faith and belief than anything else because although the ingredient in the product can certainly work, The often less than 100Ml you get of it in a bottle for $15+ bucks is really not going to do a whole lot. If you use it regularly, there may just be enough to dissolve some fallout from the fuel But I'd think that would be very marginal at best. Throw a Litre of the stuff in and different story.

    Again, ALL of these products I have looked at and I have looked at all I can find, ALWAYS use Naptha. The ones that don't list it as a proprietary name to hide the fact it's still NAPTHA. It is a good solvent and used to clean everything from printing presses to beyond. I usualy just get a bottle and throw it in a tank of fuel. If there is water in the tank or crap in the fuel system or injectors are not clean you may get some white smoke as evidence it's doing what you want.

    I have also thrown some in the oil before a change. It won't last long before it Boils off so no use putting it in and driving miles. It will also take a while to clean out heavy sludge. You can't expect anything to remove in 5 Min what took years to accumulate but regular oil changes and throwing this stuff in 20-50KM before you change the oil will help remove a lot of crap. ALWAYS change the oil filter though because one it is full it goes into by pass and circulates that crap through the engine... The bearing and other friction surfaces.

    Naptha can be bought in anything from 1L at Bunnings to 200L Drums at chemical suppliers.
    Again, research can save you money as prices on Naptha can vary greatly from supplier to supplier.

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