I am contemplating replacing my faithfull M8S with something more up-to-date.

Which brings me to:

I think I am correct in stating that the first mentioned device is definitely an Android TV (OS) box.

A quick search for the second device indicates the confusion which surrounds Android and Android TV (OS). Product headline states "MECOOL M8S PRO W Android TV OS TV Box with Voice Remote Control" but in the specifications it states "Android 7.1 operation system".

I enjoy the simplicity of being able to sideload the various APKs that I want. I have read that there is a possible compatibility problem with Android APKs trying to be used on Android TV (OS) boxes.

1. Will Android APKs work on Android TV (OS) boxes?
2. Does the first device mentioned have a file explorer or APK loader installed when purchased?
3. The second device mentioned only has 2.4GHz WiFi.