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Thread: Old Stingray Car Alarm Help

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    Default Old Stingray Car Alarm Help

    Hoping someone can help me with an older Stingray KS2000B car alarm as I don't have the schematics for it. The central locking actuator that is 2 wired and is attached with a rod to the driver's door central locking no longer works and I have traced it to the relay box which took in some water. In the past all I have had to do is change the actuator itself that has failed but this time there is no power at the blue/green cables that attaches to the actuator. The strange thing with this relay is that there is only one trigger wire going in instead of two, which is the brown one pictured and attached to it is a PNP TIP32 transistor and a 4.7kohm resistor. The feed wire for this comes from the alarm's main 30A relay but there is no other trigger wire going into the relay box. Only 5 wires feed into it, the red and black power wires, the blue and green actuator wires and the one brown trigger wire with the transistor and resistor attached. This box has 7 total inputs, unlike all the other aftermarket central locking relay modules that have 8 inputs. I tried a new central locking relay box and wired the 5 feeds the same way with the one brown trigger input and nothing happening with the actuator. Has anyone seen this before and are you able to help please? Thanks

    Link is below for pic of my original Stingray central locking relay module:

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