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Thread: Will 5G usher in the end of C Band ?

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    Relief is here.

    In passed 6 months most sits which had further upgrade carried out on their nearest Telco tower have suffered a major setback having already upgraded to a 5G filter LNB, 18 to 12 months ago and in last 6 months dropouts, pixilation have returned.

    Not to mention the aerated customers.. all beyond our control.

    I can report that recently progress has been made with new LNB’s and the results are quite good. The downside is the LNB bandwidth has been narrowed. TP’s below 3800MHz and above 4150MHz can not be received. Since most sits are viewing the Asiasat 5, RAI, RTP and TVE. These are all good. My site has a tower 100m away.

    Using an old Satlook analogue meter. The first is Satking with the 5G filter.

    Mediastar with filter blocking all signal below 3830MHz and 2nd filter blocking 4150MHz and above… The 5G intense interference harmonics effecting from the high end as well.
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