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Thread: Graphics Card Power draw from SATA Power Plug

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    Default Graphics Card Power draw from SATA Power Plug

    Hello all, I have a Dell Optiplex 9020 that I'm turning into a low budget gaming rig. For those unfamiliar, Dell decided it'd be a good idea to use a proprietary PSU, with a non-standard motherboard power plug.

    While I have a standard PSU that I could swap in, all of the Dell-to-ATX24 pin adapters I'm finding online are wonky as hell. However, there is an unused SATA plug, and I found a SATA Power-to-PCIe 6 Pin adapter. My GPU is a 5770, which doesn't draw much power.

    While the stock Dell power supply has enough wattage to spare, I wonder how much wattage can be safely drawn from the SATA power plug? It's simple enough to do, I just don't want to fry or burn anything.

Look Here ->
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    54W on 12V if it has 3 yellow wires. This is limited by the SATA pin load 1.5A.
    Your Radeon HD5770 needs max 108W. Pretty sure it is getting at least 50W from the PCIe x16 socket.
    So you should be OK if the PSU can handle the extra load.
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