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Thread: Coronavirus

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    YESTERDAYS official numbers were 19862 cases in all of Oz.
    Of those, 600 People are in Hospital. Only NSW with 12 and vic with the rest had any new cases Which has to be good news.

    I'm not at all claiming the stats are BS, I'm just saying that just because there are what seem a lot of new cases coming up does not nessacarialy mean we are all doomed when so many people are allowed to recover at home. By my probably dodgy calculations, that's .03% of people with the China flu are sick enough to be hospitalised. What was the number for the regular flu last year and the year before? I think someone posted it was much worse than we have seen so far this year.

    To me, that does not suggest the virus is anywhere near as dangerous as the hysteria makes out. If you are at home getting over a sickness, then clearly your life is not in danger.

    The 20-50 age group is well and truly the lions share of the infected. That majority infected group have lost 3 people. Of the rest lost, only 29 have been under 70.
    Again, I suggest the above 70-s are a very susceptible age group for anything from ingrown toenail on up. The other thing the numbers don't show is pre exoisting conditions. How many have had cancer since before the start of the year for one thing?
    Was talking to a real estate agent yesterday. He said someone in the office lost a family member in the US. They were diagnosed with terminal cancer over 12 Months ago, given 6 months to live, went beyond that but somewhere in the latter stages supposedly got the China flu whilst in the palliative care and Covid was put on their death certificate. He said they died WITH Covid not because Of Covid. They were a foregone conclusion long before it was heard of. He said the family were unhappy about it ( didn't ask why) but the hospital refused to put it down to cancer.
    I wonder how many similar situations have occurred?

    I just don't see how the problem justifies the " cure" in the action being taken which really does not seem to be working that well anyhow.
    The aftermath of this is going to be life changing for everyone in so many less than wonderful ways.

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