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Thread: YouTube Ads are getting out of control

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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    Maybe this ? Apk and side load.

    Thank you this looks like the one that came with aptoide_tv before android canned it and so far so good.

    Cheers Dave
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    Quote Originally Posted by george65 View Post
    I don't know how the Fk anyone can watch anything on a phone.
    People make a big song and dance about having the biggest TV then watch stuff on a postage stamp size Phone.

    No way in hell I could be bothered. I have on very rare occasions watched instructional Vids on my tablet when I was trying to do something as I went but that was out of desperation rather than choice or enjoyment.

    When on the go I find it comfortable to watch a vid on my 6" phone that still has the proper 16:9 ratio. Another thing that has become ancient as they are all now these stupid narrow bar phones, only useful for Facebook messenger stuff.
    I do have myopia so I only have to take my glasses off for a reasonable viewing angle although people my age have reading glasses for this. Thanks to the very high resolution you still never see any pixelation.

    OB, I still fail to see the benefits of using an app over a browser unless the app has a built in ad blocker, which obviously would never come from the Google Play store.

    With the growing trend of people using their phone as a payment and ID system I would be careful about installing apps that use the Internet, so I chose to keep them at a bare minimum of known and trusted.
    Not that I trust any app solely based on it's presence on the Play store either.
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