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Thread: Calling TV tech's- is it my Sharp TV 70" powerboard ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotnot View Post
    Yeah, 'for illustrative purposes/reference only' ...<grin>... BTW, do feel free to post an image of -your- power PCB, sometimes a something can stand out ; good idea to take pictures of both top and bottom side (if you remove board from chassis, which is gunna have to happen anyhow =)
    Boards out,Ive looked over it and over it in close detail,nothing obvious.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by WouldbeAlarmist View Post
    Boards out,Ive looked over it and over it in close detail,nothing obvious.....
    Fair enough ~ as you can appreciate in forums such as this, one really doesn't know the expertise of the person on the other side of the conversation, and if they can interpret IC datasheets down to component/PCB level and find the supply resistor TVguy mentions (which you head for after discovering no voltage at the IC supply pin(s) for example).

    I think of it like this ; every tech when working on stuff like this, does a visual inspection, and coming to forums like this, every tech trying to help you has this deep down yearning of 'I wish I could see the board for myself' ... I had a recent example of 'the board looks fine', but when I saw images of it, I could make an educated guess it'd be a specific IC I noticed, due to the fact I know what the failure rate of that device is. That's not the case here, but I've just obviating that sometimes 'nothing obvious' can be somewhat obscure

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