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Thread: Basic FTA Amplifier Questions

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    Default Basic FTA Amplifier Questions

    My father wants to add FTA to an additional room at his property for a total of 3 TVs. An RG11 cable is already present from an old sat install. As it stands now, there is 2-way splitter/booster (distribution amp) in use. I can't provide specifics on it, as he lives a few hours away.
    The FTA channels are all in the UHF band ~600 MHz.

    I was planning on replacing the current 2-way splitter/amplifier with either:

    1. . One in One amplifier + 3 way passive splitter
    2. (with unused leg terminated)

    1. With regards to option 1, am I correct in assuming that this can be adjusted to provide between 10 - 20 dB UHF gain? And therefore assuming a 6.5 DB loss on the 3-way splitter, each splitter output leg will have a net gain of 3.5 to 13.5 dB (depending on the gain adjustment of the amp)? Hence this will allow me to tune the gain as required.
    2. With Option 2, the splitter has gain of 16 dB. Does this means that each output leg will have a +4 dB gain?

    Many thanks, RHCP.
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    I appreciate you don't have details of the existing amp/setup, but I'm sure you'll appreciate I can't give you a definitive answer without more info.

    I'm not familiar with the KDA20 amp, but the specs suggest it has a variable output.

    It's wideband, so the specified gain figures are a guide only, as it's likely gain is different at different frequencies, but yes, typically from 10-20dB gain.

    Of the two options, that would be my pick, with a 3-way passive splitter. Naturally, signal at the amp input, length and type of cable to the 3 outlets will vary the result.

    Depending on how much signal output there is on the existing 2-outlet amp, just adding a passive 2-way splitter to one leg may be sufficient, especially with RG11 cable.

    Personally, I would go with a UHF-only 20dB distribution amp at the antenna and use a 3-way splitter.

    That way, you are rejecting unwanted signals which can interfere/reduce signal performance because wideband amps have to be de-rated as they amplify everything in the bands they cover.

    Option 2 powered splitter has higher UHF gain then VHF, but from memory, they have a high noise level, which isn't provided in the specs.

    It basically will provide a slight boost to each leg to compensate for the insertion loss.

    Again, without accurate signal measurements, it's a very general suggestion.

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