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Thread: An alternative linux stb with maufacturer support. GX6605S and GX6622 chipset

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    Default An alternative linux stb with maufacturer support. GX6605S and GX6622 chipset

    Past weeks have had me searching for a cheap DVB-s2 box I could hack into an Ip receiver and any code I cobble together for that, Github has the opensource code for open PLI as used in Vu+ etc, TBS dvb cards, and linux sat encouraged by that I searched for cheap linux STBs and chipsets to match those code resources. Today I found the GX6605S and GX6622 which also has ethernet.

    I still don't know what other makes use it, Echostar is one, but an Indonesian outfit called Getmecom have 2 boxes using the chips that sell for about 20 for the HD009 super with GX6605S and 25AUD for the plus model with GX6622 with ethernet. They don't have the rom and ram capacity of the Broadcom VU+ boxes but enough and don't cost hundreds of $$$. They do powervue and biss, have softcam whatever that's good for.

    The chipset is made by who have put out a cheap development board and have the source code, have it a common tool chain, and apparently support in the linux kernel.

    This pix shows what I think will be a Jtag socket on the board. So for the hackers and experimenters this might be an interesting toy. Below the pix are a few relevant links I saved along they way.

    CPU CSky
    CPU Frequency 600 MHz
    Chipset GX3211
    Board GX6622-dvbs2
    RAM 128 MB
    RAM Frequency 533 MHz
    ROM Type MX25L64
    ROM Size 8 MB
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