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Thread: Looking for a copy of Micrografx Graphics suite

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    Post Looking for a copy of Micrografx Graphics suite

    Hi guys.
    Im trying to find Micrografx Graphics suite 2 on the web but not latest version if possible. Ebay has advertised it for a rediculous price.

    So Im just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to a version that will work with windows 10?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

Look Here ->
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    So Im just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to a version that will work with windows 10?
    You might be after the improbable there, because a quick search of the tomes yielded;

    I don't use win10, and have no idea how far back it's API compatibility really goes, but 'not latest version' is possible for free it seems, but then you're limited to the above hardware/OS constraints, which means not 64bit OS and not winXP or better.

    Depending on what hardware you'd plan to run the program on, I'm thinking win10 + VM (virtual machine) with a win95 image/install would be the quick way out ~ someone with win10 nouce on getting win10 to play with olde win32 stuffs might have a better clue.

    Seems to run fine on linux using using WINE/PoL ...

    Not hard at all..might actually be easier/quicker in WINE versus alternatives =) ...I've been saying there's an argument for 'WINE for Windows' for quite some time now, but everyone thinks I'm nuts ... I just download the program install iso archive from the page below, u7z -> iso image, sudo mount -o loop iso image somewhere in my $HOME, pop wineconfig and set winver to win95, point D: to mount dir of iso image, apply ->save (pet hate, lets start a war =), launch autoplay.exe in the autorun folder of the iso image mount dir, and this will run the installer.

    Which will fall over when selecting $installdir 'coz of in-deference betweenst C:\Program Files as opposed to C:\Windows|Program files which comes out as a doubled string you have to point it back to C:\Program Files again...but then it all installs fine. I see redists of VB3-to-4 and dxsetup (which I'll suspect is really old directx6 going by filesize), but I *think* winecore has had these 2 targets covered for some time now...I wouldn't install the redists, they're ancient. After install completes, you can use the play-on-linux create launcher/link thingy to find the exe's and icon for the various programs in the suite. All seem to work fine, on an up to date deb10 & system wine-4.0 ... nice little retro blast from the past.

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