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Thread: Copper locked up

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteOx View Post
    My mates son in law worked for Roger Rogerson, he drove a truck for him.
    Dunno what was in the truck lol.
    Inanimate objects probably.
    The fact that there's a highway to hell and a stairway to heaven says a lot about the anticipated traffic flow.

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    Thank you Captain Obvious.

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    I used to see Rogerson all the time down Grandviews Bowling club where we used to go with the Mrs for the Cheap but real good feeds they had there.
    He used to be quite the celeb and would say G'day as he walked past people and when they said hello Back, he'd stop and have a chat and for whatever reason sort of befriended everyone in the place like that. Bit of an attention whore I think. Used to know my brother in law pretty well from the Lugarno Marina where he'd go out with friends on their boats including Scipioni who had one down there.

    When he got done for offing that Kid, I didn't believe it at first. He walked with such a limp he couldn't get up and down the front stairs of the club and used to go out the side door and down the wheelchair ramp. About all the walking he did was from the front bar to the dining room and back to the bar then out the front to his car.
    Heard a lot of stories about him being powerful and ruthless in his younger days but then he was just another old doddery bugger there and quite on the frail and incapacitated side.
    Wouldn't have thought twice about him posing any danger to anyone.

    I didn't think there was any way he could do what they accused him of, Lifting a Pint was about his limit then let alone a body, But I eventually learned he had help and they hired a block and tackle to get the bloke into the boat. He must have been pretty cocksure of himself or been losing his faculties to make the stupid mistakes he did. the storage place where he offed the bloke was just up the road from my place and he would have driven him right past my house on the main road to take the guy back to put him in the boat.

    He may have needed the money but you would have thought with all the inside knowledge he had with what cops would look at he would have been able to at very least make it a LOT harder for them. I always thought to be a good criminal you should be a cop first to know how they think and what they do and how to plain get around them. Even as an amateur, First thing I would have done was been bloody wary of CCD cameras and using credit cards for anything to do with the job.
    What they did was laughably amateur hour.

    Spose some people are either too full of themselves or too stupid for their own good.

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