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Thread: Elon Musks Starlink

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoe View Post
    Will the equipment handle all temperatures? Frost? Dew? High winds?
    They have tested in all conditions and are confident it can handle extreme heat, rain, snow etc. The user terminal will receive upgrades over the course of the next few months to improve facilitating snow meltability as winter arrives and it can operate in temperatures as low as -30C and exceeding 40C. SpaceX has also tested the terminal at 45C but the terminal is not certified to operate at this range. Additionally, the SpaceX representative also confirmed that the terminal is not designed to operate in high winds and should be brought indoors in such a circumstance.

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    A solid bolted down dome would solve all above issues but the upper temperature limitation 40-45˚C is just odd.
    The board is exposed to around 300˚C when it is reflow soldered with all the SMD components.

    Maybe the copper of all the antenna elements expands beyond a tolerable range above 45˚C but with all the very precise phase shifting of the signal for each element one would think it is comparatively child's play to compensate any frequency drift caused by heat.
    I think these antennas have to handle a fairly wide frequency bandwidth anyway.
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    They say not certified above 40 degrees, probably an out in case of degraded performance.

    You know how the yanks have to cover their asses...

    I'm thinking about ordering it to have a play....

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    Finally got FTTN, 710m line length....

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