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Thread: 'Public' space travel

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotnot View Post
    I think the topic line itself has missed the mark actually ~ it's not as though we're talking about 'public' space flight, in the same way as we think about 'public' transport or 'public' recreation --- it's more like that other recent thread; 'Amusement rides' ...for the filthy rich and (in)famous =)

    I wish people would stop living and thinking for the moment.
    In my OP I predict that these space hops WILL get cheaper, THAT was my point of this thread.
    Now I assume you ignored my post #14 where I explained why.

    I see no reason why these 'amusement' rides can't cost 30k pp or less in 10 years time.
    I can manage to put away 3k a year which goes all in growing shares with dividends anyway but that certainly does not make me filthy rich, anybody can do this with a bit of effort and research.
    These days(before Covid) you can hardly experience anything on a proper trip to Europe under 20k unless you are a young back packer type of person.
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    This era of thoughtless consumption must end so we can encourage a world of creative geniuses rather than consumer idiots,
    while ensuring that we get don't get wiped out by our creations .

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