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Thread: HP Oscar home automation system - help with installing Wifi app controlled LED's

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    Default HP Oscar home automation system - help with installing Wifi app controlled LED's

    Hi there,

    I am new member based in Perth. Pleased to meet you.

    We just bought a home with an Oscar system installed. I believe it was installed in 1998.

    The prior owner has disabled the security alarm components and installed a separate Honeywell security system. However the Oscar system is still running and connected to selected lights throughout the house. Some lights are on traditional rocker switches, some are on Oscar dimmer switches. There are about forty 50watt Halogens. The power bill is ridiculous ! Like we are running toasters permanently switched on.

    I am seeking advice in relation to installing LEDís to replace all of the halogen lights connected to the Oscar system dimmer switches. My electrician has installed various standard on/off LED downlights and they seem to be working well. However, we are having LOTS of problems in relation to installing WiFi app controlled LED downlights - these ones:

    According to the manufacturer they are C-Bus compatible, but they state nothing about compatibility with the Oscar system.

    The main problem we are having is that when the WiFi LED lights are first energised they need to be connected to a Smart Life phone app or similar in order to setup the lights and group them together and get the WiFi functionality to work. This requires turning the lights on/off three times in succession Ė this then makes the lights switch to WiFi setup mode. We canít seem to get this to work using the Oscar dimmer switches- in that we canít seem to trigger the lights to switch to WiFi setup mode. It seems that they are not receiving the on/off message three times in succession.

    Another issue is that even after setting up some WiFi lights successfully with the dimmer switches (we did get them to work in one room) when we push the Oscar dimmer switch to turn the lights on this sometimes sends the lights back into WiFi setup mode i.e. turning on the lights with a dimmer switch is interpreted as on/off three times in succession!

    My understanding is that these WiFi lights use a standard protocol which makes them compatible with various home automation systems on the market eg Google Alexa, etc.

    I am wondering if anyone has any ideas that may assist with ? Is there an Oscar setting our electrician can change to the individual Oscar dimmer switches that may work? Can we disable individual Oscar dimmer switches so that they act like old style rocker switches i.e. just turn the lights on/off? Can we bypass the Oscar system entirely for individual dimmer switches e.g. change out the Oscar dimmer for old style switches ? I am happy to do the latter, but my sparkie hasn't worked with Oscar before and seems to be in the dark a bit.

    Many thanks for your time.


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    I don't know about the oscar system.
    But I assume your downlights just plug into a plug base socket in the roof, maybe set them up on the ground by plugging them into a power board and power point. That way you can switch the power point on and off to connect them to wifi/app.

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