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In 2020, 24% of Australia’s total electricity generation was from renewable energy sources, including solar (9%), wind (9%) and hydro (6%). The share of renewables in total electricity generation in 2020 was the highest since levels recorded in the mid-1960s.

Hmm, be careful Unco, think those figures may be boosted by the time frame 9-00am to 5-00pm, there may be back up required at other times that may go close to 90%???? ie after dark on a wind less night. Believe as of today, weekly supplies have been in the order of 50% renewables, what is going to happen when they reach 400% requirement renewable energy production!

And the saying, When the wind don't blow and the sun don't shine, may be a little hard to promote as the inter connector is going to be as long as the distance from London to New Delhi!
...and that is where Twiggy's Ammonia will kick in.

That 24% is relative to the TOTAL electricity generation over the year not just a selected time period. Obviously more is generated in day light hours but consumption is also higher in business hours, while batteries are already in use to handle peak evening hours.