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Thread: ebay mark as dispatched when not sent

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    Default ebay mark as dispatched when not sent

    Hi All

    Is there some way we can report the practice many sellers are getting into of Marking items as dispatched to cheat their obligation surrounding dispatch timing? i have yet again had a situation where i have purchased an item fairly expensive item. then within a day or two they marked it as dispatched, even gave me a tracking number.

    I waited about a week and a bit still no updates on the tracking just marked by aus post that it had not been picked up. then on sunday i got a refund saying "out of stock"

    how can they be out of stock if they already dispatched it? obviously they didn't dispatch it when they said they did they just marked it dispatched and then blame Australia post for it taking so long.

    In this instance i feel i should be able to make a complaint to ebay against this seller for marking it as dispatched when it had not been.

    I suspect a lot of businesses do this and just blame Australia post.

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    I am in the same situation. Meant to arrive, at the latest, 24 Nov. but nothing showing on the tracking number.

    Have notified the seller that I want a refund. If no joy there i will escalate the matter to eBay and PayPal.

    Then leave appropriate feedback!!
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    Well here's a slant on this subject.\_(ツ)_/

    I recently (2 months ago), ordered/purchased an eBay item. It had no tracking number when sent, didn't turn up after 1 month, I contacted the seller via the eBay link, 'I didn't receive this item.' The seller responded & said they would fix it & send a new item, if after 1 more week, it didn't arrive. I agreed.

    Exactly 1 week later, I got a message from eBay, stating that the sender could not provide them with a valid tracking number & so they reversed the transaction. Giving me a full refund. That also deleted the purchase from my account, so I could not leave feedback.

    I still wanted a similar item, so purchased one from another seller, lets number him seller #2.

    Well, last week an item shows up that I thought was from seller #2.
    I give feedback as it worked well.

    Then today another item turns up, which according to the tracking is from seller #2.
    Therefore the item that I received last week was from seller #1, who did the right thing & re-sent another of the item purchased, before me asking them to.
    I suspect at the exact same time that ebay refunded my money, without consulting me.
    The items are almost the same, but not identical (as I learned today with them side by side).

    I'm in a conundrum, do I ignore all the above & keep both items, or do I do the right thing & find the first seller & give him $10 for his effort. It's a $14 item including postage, so posting it back is not really an option. I think splitting the difference is fair.

    What do you think?
    Cheers, Tiny
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    If it's a question of honesty, follow your own internal moral compass....

    ....if it's a question of business, seller #1 has transgressed ebay guidelines and policies, and as such a $14 loss may be considered 'fair' penalty, and perhaps would incite seller to adopt better selling practices.

    This is me saying, seller #1 may not pick up their game if you diminish the penalty, and they may continue to do unto others, as they did unto you =)

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