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Thread: Car insurance for hard-to-insure imports

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    Default Car insurance for hard-to-insure imports

    Just purchased a Toyota Estima - it's the Japanese version of a Tarago, and other than the centre seat row being two seats instead of the Tarago's three seat bench, it's pretty much identical to the top line equivalent Tarago.
    But not if you ask insurance companies! Most of them say "uninsurable" - including blurbs saying that it was made in Japan (yeah, how's that different from every other Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki etc?) and that it isn't compliant with Australian Design Rules (despite having Australian plaques attached attesting that it does). Frustrating.

    Well, after a bit of digging, here's some car insurers that would comprehensively insure the Toyota Estima:
    NRMA (but VERY expensive)
    Shannons - again expensive, but were kind enough to say so and that they recommended their product wouldn't be a good fit for my needs. Very refreshing honesty!
    Ryno - would only insure if kept garaged, and the Estima is too big for our tiny car home.
    Asset Insure - they were actually the cheapest at a semi-reasonable $700, but only list the hybrid version of the vehicle, perhaps a phone call could have resolved that.
    And Lumley - I eventually went with these guys @ $900ish, with windscreen damage & NCD protection included.

    I'm sure there's other non-mainstream insurers out there that might have also insured the Estima, but after wasting an entire morning chasing cover, this is the list I came up with.

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    Not sure how old You are but APIA (for the over 50s) might give you a go. I have no idea if they will, but I do find them very good whenever I've made a claim on my home policy. I have my bike and car with them, too. It's good to hear that Shannons were honest with you, good on 'em!
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    thats the way it goes with grey imports unfortunately , many many years ago our second car was a 2003 Mitsubishi Delica V6 which we loved. Our existing 2001 Pajero V6 was with Lumleys and luckily but very reluctantly they took the Delica on board for a reasonably higher premium. The Delica was only worth about $13000 and the Pajero and $30000 yet was more expensive ???
    we sold both cars years ago and the replacement Prado ( worth $70k ) was cheaper again ! Next time if i had an import id just go third party and leave it at that

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