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Thread: Pink Floyd - Live In Venice - 4K Remaster - 1989

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    Default Pink Floyd - Live In Venice - 4K Remaster - 1989

    On 15 July 1989, Pink Floyd played a concert at Venice on a floating barge to end their current " A Momentary Lapse Of Reason" tour. Many hurdles had to be overcome, city elders were against the concert claiming it would damage historic buildings, while some younger councilors pushed for it. In the end a compromise was made, it would not exceed 90 minutes, Pink Floyd would not play music louder than 60 decibels and they would have to play out on the water. The time limit meant that the band played shortened versions of many songs and during the video you can see many keeping an eye on small digital clocks, songs were timed almost to the second. The band was forced to hire and transport a floating platform from Scandinavia for the gig. The concert was filmed by the state-owned television RAI and was broadcast in over 20 countries with an estimated audience of almost 100 million through an international collaboration of television networks. Venice has a population of 150,000 people, however 200,000 turned up for the event. The city council were seemingly clueless as to how to plan for such an event with almost no litter bins or portable toilets. Such was the mess and the outrage over it, that the entire council was sacked.

    00:00 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part I)
    02:58 Learning to Fly
    08:20 Yet Another Movie/Round and Around
    15:20 Sorrow
    25:00 The Dogs of War
    32:44 On the Turning Away
    40:25 Time
    46:12 The Great Gig in the Sky
    51:00 Wish You Were Here
    55:42 Money
    1:04:25 Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2
    135 Comfortably Numb
    1:19:00 Run Like Hell

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    Great concert and remaster
    4K DL size very reasonable too.

    Pink Floyd would not play music louder than 60 decibels...
    That is about as loud as a pocket transistor radio

    In reality the deal was 50% of their usual sound capacity which means -6dB of that.
    Assuming a typical 110dB in a good audience position in front of the stage that wound be then 104dB.
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