Hi all.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this or something similar.

Moved into my new house 18 months ago and from day 1, TPG has been great. FTTP nbn and rock solid. I'm on TPG NBN 50 plan.

I noticed on Sunday that my alarm app on my phone want logging in to my alarm so I reset the router but no difference.

I did a speed test and download speed was ranging from 5 - 50Mb/s and upload was less than 1Mb/s. The router would stop connection every half or so as well.

I called TPG and they ran some basic diagnostics which showed multiple dropouts.

Within 24 hours a contractor came out and did whatever tests he did on the router and the other box where the fibre is terminated. Process of elimibation showed there was no issue with the hardware or fibre. He took some screenshots of the tests he ran and sent them to TPG.

He called them and told them there is nothing physically wrong with the router. Fibre etc and it was be on the software side.

I asked him if he's had this before and what was the issue.

He said that they treat him like a mushroom and don't tell him anything so he never finds out what the fix is.

I guess it will get interesting from here because it is now with the TPG engineers.

See what happens I guess.

Has anyone had this happen and do you know what the fix was?


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