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Thread: Weird convergence issue with component connection on Palsonic CRT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supernaut View Post
    So I got the PS2 and it's the same issue, although it's interesting that the blue is also shifting to the right, was a little hard to tell before I think but this screenshot shows it well:

    I'm still yet to get the DVD player but thought I'd share in case it changed anything.
    Nah. same stuff...if you look closely at the first images, there's blue shift there as well (it's just not quite as pronounced but it's; left joystick button should be nearly all white)

    Just note you have to get an older DVD unit with component video out -- the purpose here is to test the component video in of the palsonic teevee, so you have to buy something of the same . Usually the giveaway is the unit will offer AV/component/s-video output but won't have any HDMI support.

    If I'm right, the palsonic is a 'low definition analog teevee' and as such won't accept SDTV formatted signals.
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