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Thread: Bricked Chinese 4.3 gps running 7DA82C.YF.F.9.25 Rom.

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    Default Bricked Chinese 4.3 gps running 7DA82C.YF.F.9.25 Rom.

    Hi, It,s been almost 5 yrs. since I inadvertantly bricked my Chinese 4.3 GPS and thought I'd try to bring it back to life. The only real reason for trying it is because this one has an A/V input for rear camera. The unit was working fine until the sd card popped out when I moved the unit while it was running. I have tried over the years to resurrect it but most of the data and posts have dried up and I'm only hoping now that I have some luck in this forum. This unit is exactly the same as the one pictured in the posts on this site under YF82C. I have in the meantime fitted a micro slide switch to the battery on the back, as the unit would not switch off any more and displays "no sd/mmc card inserted", and when one was,displays "update done",on a blue screen, which seems to be the common problem in 90% of posts in all the forums I have viewed over the years. I presume a reflash of the rom is needed and have not been able to download 7DA82C.YF.F.9.25 from anywhere that is in english, and all the forums are dated way back in 2009-2012 anyway. So, here I am asking for some help. I have an electronics background since the year dot, and have a backroom housing a miriad of power supplies, multi meters, electronic projects, to keep me entertained, so, enough of me, and Thank you in advance.

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