Hello to anyone interested in helping me sort out a no-name Chinese 4.3" gps similar to one pictured in thread 1680 that I've had for maybe 6yrs. I somehow bricked it when I accidentally popped the card out while it was loading the Igo8 maps to memory. I have now spent the best part of 5hrs reading ALL threads on this site and it seems that any data I need has been lost over time. My unit runs a Atlas III Cpu, Rom Ver.7DA82C.YF.F.9.25, Software Ver., 64M Sdram, Wince5.0, 480x272 screen. Found a few references to the Rom I need but all lead to nowhere. Is there anyone out there that can put me on to the 7DA82C.YF.F.9.25 rom? Also apologies to the moderator for posting in the first timers' area.
Thank you for any help.