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Thread: Creating an algorithm and incorporate into an app ?

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    Default Creating an algorithm and incorporate into an app ?

    This is one for advanced computer math students.
    If given enough samples of three variables, could one come up with an algorithm that can code into an app ?

    I came into a large quantity of R&D conditional access devices. Sadly, there is no documentation or software for these.
    They are based on the Hitachi H8 CPU. I managed to access memory segments that store a string of hex digits.
    Another string of decimal digits that a guess is the users that have access.
    Each device is unique with the hex digits based on what looks to be an ESN.
    This is the only part hanging me up from possible production of some high security access control devices.
    I see that some software has programmed a number of units, but that is the part I have no information on.
    Can this be done ? I have a lot of money and time invested in this project, I hate to just scrap it and take the loss.
    Anyone up to the challenge I can supply more info.
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