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Thread: Seeking Knowledge about old Parallel Dongle & DOS software

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    Question Seeking Knowledge about old Parallel Dongle & DOS software

    Hi All !

    I'm an avid amateur historian and crypto-devices collector, and I'm seeking to preserve historical apparatus like how it's done by this Museum ()

    After some years and thanks to knowledgeable guys in the "Communication Devices" Section here on this very forum, I finally managed to find a rare MS-DOS Software which is used to keyload long obsolete and retired 38-bits analog scramblers called "MASC" from Marconi, and used by the UK Police in the mid 90's.

    Unfortunately this piece of software is protected by an hardware Dongle, as it was frequent in the 90's.
    With the help of an Hex Editor to read the soft and ASCII text, it seems that the dongle is a Parallel Dongle made by Rainbow Tech, called a Sentinel Pro.

    I've made a whole thread here [ to explain my research and why I'm doing it; so, given it's a quite simple dongle from 30 years ago (merely just a routine in the code which check if the dongle is present or not), will someone here be kind enough to take a look at the code, and give us some hint at what to do to patch the code ? (like it was done for Amiga games on BBS at that time ^^)

    If you are interested in this subject, please look at the other thread (to have a better understanding of the situation & to find the source code in question) ;-) !

    I intend to document my finding on the Cryptomuseum when I get this damn software & fillgun working (could take a long time, but I'm not in a hurry as I already took several years to find docs & components ^^")
    Of course, if you help me you will be properly credited ;-) !

    Thanks again to all those who have taken the time to read this indigest wall of text =)
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