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Thread: NBN Upload speed issues - problem solved

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    Default NBN Upload speed issues - problem solved

    Afternoon all,

    Another rainy day ... so may as well play on the machine !

    Here is my recent experience with an upgrade to the current NBN FTTP service. Maybe people are aware of this - maybe not

    I was looking to upgrade from the nominal 50/20 plan and got a good deal on the 250/25 plan - so jumped at it.

    When I got the connection succeeded advice SMS (whole process was very easy and did not upset any modem or account settings etc and taking a surprisingly short couple of hours) I rebooted the modem as instructed.

    Then I encountered a couple of problems - so here is my trouble shooting and solutions.

    Firstly my POE switch was limiting my connection to 100 download approx - checked the specs and found a hardware limitation (did not even suspect that ... face palm). Upgraded that box and bang straight up to 250Mbps download speed via Ookla. Great !!!

    Then could not believe the very low upload speeds I was getting something around 8 - 12 and it seemed to be unreliable even then.

    Did quite a bit of reading and came across something referred to elsewhere as the "NBN Policier" I guess the enforcement mechanism that is used to restrict the speeds with the NBN. One article suggested that by limiting the upload speed with my modem settings then I would achieve a much higher upload speed. The article suggested that the modem controls the upload speed a whole lot better than the "NBN Policier" and without a limitation in place on the modem the connection tries to connect too quickly and then the NBN Policier takes over and slows the connection - in a very poor fashion.

    So, I gave it a shot and logged onto the modem (older Archer VR1600 v2.0) and Enabled Bandwidth control and set Total Upstream Bandwidth setting to 24900 kbps (just below the 25000) of my plan.

    What do you know !!!! Pretty much doubled my previous upload speed and am now with 23-24Mbps upload.

    This is all a bit in laymans terms - so please forgive me on that - however may I suggest it might be worth a try for those who have enough spare time on their hands to do a speedtest - log onto their modem - enable the Upstream Bandwidth control and do another test. I did not put a value in the Downstream Bandwidth as I found it slowed my downloads.

    You can easily change it back if you don't have the same kind of luck I did !

    Feel free to post any thoughts or results you may have - I suspect it may only be noticeable on faster speed plans.

    Good luck and stay safe !


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