After watching a video talking about device security at certain border checkpoints (guess more for travelling between countries in third world areas) I was having a thought about my laptop.

It's a Microsoft Surface Book so not easily opened for on chip reading of the TPM etc but as a just in-case I was wondering.

The drive is 100% BitLockered from day dot so there is no in the clear data.

If I were to flush the TPM of the BitLocker key for such a reason, would I (I would think I should be able to) AFTER clearing the checkpoint be able to manually re-enter the BitLocker key that I get from say a cloud storage that I access on my phone, boot and then apply the key to the TPM again for normal operation?

Where I am now I'm not too worried because it's an enclosed device like a tablet and I'm not worried about portable drives because they've got no key attached rather it has to come from the MS account or manual entry or text file. Just trying to make sure that if I have to enter that situation that my Note10+ and SB3 and any associated hard drives aren't going to be easy for prying eyes.

Given the BIOS is locked down to ONLY boot from the integrated hard drive for damn good reason (crap I can't even remember how to manage it's BIOS/CMOS any more as they're an oddbod but do remember making that stipulation) I shouldn't have issues with ram reading using portable tools.