As some of you know I had issues with one of our Computers (Win 7 64 bit) as when I tried to remove the GPU Driver I used DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and the computer spat the dummy out and it would freeze on start window and now its solved as I remove anything that is DDU related but this Computer is the ONLY one of the 4 computers that has a Sat Card inside it, Yes I use TBS 6982 in the Computer but I'm unlucky as last year I had this Computer had a issue 3 times when I need it, Fu@#$%^&*()k.
I need to get the Computer room blessed.


I bough another Sat Card another TBS 6982 (cheap as the 6982 wont work on Win 10, Yes I know there is a Driver for Win 10 but it does not work) and what did I do with this second TBS 6982 ,, I installed it in another Win 7 64 bit Computer wit identical programs and the output on both computers the 6982 the V and H connect via 2 way (one leg goes to the other Computer) splitter (power pass on both V and H) and that it but !!!! what about Conflicts!!!
1/ If I have all Sat programs off not using them on both computers does the TBS 6982 give any power out like 14V for vert and 18 Volts for Horz. (maybe I should stick the multi meter in it to see)
2/ What happens if both computer are on and I have the same program or different program working (forgot to turn them off) but on the Same polarity say V on both Computers or or H on both Computers, will that cause a conflict.
3/ Yes understand that if one computer is outputting Vert and the other is outputting Horz there will be a conflict and the H will win over the Lower Voltage Vert (13-14V)
4/ Do you think if I make a mistake and leave both TBS 6982 going on different polarity WILL THIS DAMAGE THE TBS or other.
5/ One computer is hard to disconnect the RG6, The Second computer is very easy to Disconnect so ATM I have this computer RG6 disconnected.

Think outside the Square about this, Did I miss anything