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Thread: It's a Conspiracy, I Tell you

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    Default It's a Conspiracy, I Tell you

    The conspiracy theorists will go nuts over this. The explanation, however, is a little more mundane, but still, quite interesting, and "pretty".
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    Just another rocket staging. yawn.

    It's fun when they appear somewhere unexpected. I was waiting for some outside of a local takeaway. It's not too fair from the airport and I looked out to the Horizon and saw what I thought was a plane with it's landing lights one. I thought, "Gee, that fvcker is a bit low for a base leg, I don't think he's going to make it."
    To compliment the illusion, it looked like the aircraft was starting to emit a lot of smoke. I laughed because the hollywood thought of dumping fuel entered my mind.
    Nobody that low and that small on that approach is even capable of doing that. I even considered it to be a crop duster, but the aircraft appeared to get higher and the cropper would just land in a paddock if there was a problem.
    I thought, well now it's high enough to be able to make a turn on a final, but it just kept getting higher and the light didn't grow wings or an aircraft shape. The cloud of smoke or have just kept following it and getting bigger. I then realised it was a rocket staging. Very unusual orbit. A couple of hours later I see the Parker solar probe's launch and track. Ah! We have a winner.

    People in New Caledonia, Fiji and NZ often see the Chinese rockets staging and creating spiral patterns as the rocket spins. The reports have become more frequent in recent years.
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