I'm looking for any old analog cable files people may have archived, including but not limited to --

- Details of Jerrold commands sent over the FSK out-of-band DataChannel (106MHz, 122.7MHz etc) -- especially channel mapping
- Cube/Chip PIC source code (Neo2k5)
- Old software/tools (especially for channel mapping)
- Old forum threads
- Logs of data/commands sent over the FSK channel on any cable network -- especially if this includes bits of channel names etc.

And the Holy Grail...
- The Jerrold/GI ACC-3000 or ACC-4000 Addressable Controller software, Terminal Configurator, or AH- or AI-series Addressable Controller software. This is all software which would have run on the headend PCs. Documentation for this, photos of hardware, etc. would also be really good to have. (I've seen the stuff on Sega Retro about the Sega Channel headend)
- Jerrold C6M Mk.1 (not C6M II) modulator manual

I'm working on a project to get some old cable boxes up and running again -- mostly Jerrold/GI ones, but also some Scientific Atlanta boxes (though I have less hope for these due to lack of information). I've been working on adding support for the scrambling to HackTV, and done a lot of reverse engineering on the scrambling methods and the data the scrambler sends out. I just need to figure out how to set up channel maps on the boxes and get them to tune in...!

Anyway - anything analog cable would be appreciated, even if it's just an assorted "big ZIP file of stuff" I need to sort through...