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Thread: Life and times of a black hole

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    Quarks have been a hobby of mine for quite some time , The building blocks of what we see around us.
    I used the word in a scrabble game 40 years ago and had to fight like mad to prove it was a valid word .

    Now I see they are finally moving into the real reasons quarks slow down in the presence of proton neutron pairs and of course thats exactly whats now being demonstrated from data out of CERN and similar.

    I wonder what speed quarks might slow to in the material comprising a black mass ? It would certainly demonstrate the potential for completely new states of matter inside there.

    Interesting also because the same basic laws of physics involved in that area may well be involved in the movement of electrons in superconductors. Now if we get some insight into superconductors at warmer temperatures the whole game changes.

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