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Thread: Your car spies on you

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    Default Your car spies on you

    ....something to think about...

Look Here ->
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    That dude(again) sadly does not go into any details how the car is spying on you, just makes a claim, which is rather pointless as the phone you are carrying with you in the car is doing much worse in that aspect, not to mention when you come back home to your 'smart TV', "Hey Google" light bulbs, blah, blah.

    Unless you are driving a Tesla, that needs to be connected to Wifi/Cellular data so they can book your credit card when charging, it is simply a matter of switching off the connectivity.
    My 2014 model PHEV doesn't even have wifi, if it did I would hunt it down and rip it out, LOL.

    I am aware that data is collected in the Airbag electronics for many years now, which can be read out for forensic reasons through the OBD-II, like a flight data recorder. How far back this goes is unclear but I believe only incidents that where followed by a major deceleration are permanently stored, just like in a quality dash cam.
    Personally I fully agree with this as it can only be in my interest if something happens in my car which I use in public, where I am also tracked by countless security cameras along the road all the time, so what is the point of waffling on about privacy? Pretty sure those cams that can see if I am using a phone while driving can also see if I am getting a blowjob from a passenger.

    Different story is when I am inside my home, where I should be allowed to exercise my 'right for privacy' when I want to use devices but that is practically not possible, unless I want to live like a cave man.
    No amount of NordVPN will stop Google from tracking you, as there is not one website that doesn't first connect to Google before it starts downloading the actual website data.

    ...OK with exception of DuckDuckGo where you can sometimes get clear text results/solutions from queries from websites that actually have content or search with the duck Youtube videos and download the link with Jdownloader and Google has no clue, ha ha.
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